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What is the (DMCA)?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) establishes a standardized procedure through which copyright holders, including software developers, can request Prophet Enterprises, LLC to remove infringing content. More information about the DMCA can be found on the official website of the U.S. Copyright Office.

As is the case with all legal matters, seeking professional guidance regarding your specific questions or situation is advisable. We strongly recommend consulting with legal experts before taking any actions that could impact your rights. Our guides are NOT legal advice and should not be interpreted as such.


Honesty is Key. The DMCA mandates that you affirm the accuracy of the information in your infringement notice under penalty of perjury. Deliberate falsehoods in a sworn declaration are considered a federal offense (See U.S. Code, Title 18, Section 1621). Submitting false information may also result in civil liability, potentially leading to legal claims for monetary damages.

Thorough Investigation. Numerous individuals use the services of Prophet Enterprises, LLC. Filing a DMCA infringement notice against them carries significant legal implications for actual individuals. To ensure the use of the content isn't permissible, we strongly recommend conducting a comprehensive investigation and seeking advice from a legal professional before submitting a takedown request.

Attempt Direct Communication. Before sending a takedown notice, it's often constructive to attempt direct communication with the user responsible for the allegedly infringing content.

Avoid Automated Processes. Every takedown notice you send should be carefully evaluated by a trained professional. If you're outsourcing this task to a third party, ensure that you're aware of their approach and confirm they're not using automated bots to submit mass notices. Such automated notices are frequently invalid, and processing them may result in the unwarranted removal of content.

Expect a Counter Notice. Any user affected by your takedown notice might choose to counter it. In such cases, the content will be reinstated within 14 days unless you inform us that you've initiated a legal action to restrain the user from engaging in infringing activities related to Prophet Enterprises, LLC's content.

Prophet Enterprises, LLC's Role. In this process, Prophet Enterprises, LLC exercises limited discretion, mainly focused on verifying whether the notices meet the DMCA's minimum requirements. Determining the validity of claims largely falls to the involved parties (and their legal representatives), with the understanding that notices are submitted under penalty of perjury.

Submitting Your Notice and Counter Notice
The most efficient way to receive a response is by completing our takedown or counter notification forms. These forms include all necessary questions and fields:

Submit a DMCA Takedown Notice

If someone is using your copyrighted content without authorization, use the form below to submit a DMCA takedown notice, requesting the removal or alteration of the infringing content. Before proceeding, ensure you meet the prerequisites for DMCA counter notifications.

Submit a DMCA Takedown Notice

You can also send an email notification to You may attach documents, but please include a plain-text version of your message in the email body.

For physical mail, although accepted, response times are significantly longer. Notices received via plain-text email are addressed more promptly than those in PDF format or physical mail. If you prefer to mail your notice, our physical address is:

Attention Legal Department
DMCA Notice
Prophet Enterprises, LLC
5830 E 2nd Street Suite 7000
Casper, WY 82609, United States of America

Submit a DMCA Counter Notice

If you believe your content was erroneously removed due to a DMCA takedown request, you can contest the takedown by submitting a counter notice. Prior to proceeding, ensure you fulfill the prerequisites for DMCA counter notifications.

Submit a DMCA Counter Notice

You can also send a counter notice via email or physical mail using the aforementioned details.

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