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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: What trading instruments do you offer?

You will be able to trade all instruments that are offered from our partner technology provider Forexware.

Q: How much leverage do you offer?

FX Pairs: 1:100 |FX Exotics: 1:20 | Indices & Gold 1:50 | Oil: 1:20 | Crypto: 1:1

Q: Is a stop loss required?

We do not require you to use a stop loss for each trade, however for risk management purposes we strongly recommend you always use one.

Q: Am I trading real capital?

You are trading simulated funded accounts once you pass your evaluation. A Simulated Funded Account are virtual funds in which a trader may be entitled to profit share payable as a percentage of the simulated profit generated in their account based on the Profit Split associated with the simulated funded account,

​For the avoidance of any confusion, please keep in mind that a Simulated Funded Account is a fully simulated account with real market quotes from liquidity providers. The trading data is used by our proprietary trading firm where trades are copied at their own discretion and proprietary trading strategies are developed using the data.

Q: How do I request a payout?

Once you are eligible for a payout, in your dashboard choose a challenge and then click withdraw funds and you can request a payout. Once you request a payout, our compliance department will review your account notify you of your approval, adjustment or rejection within 24-48 hours.

​Please note: For your first withdrawal KYC and signing our funded trader agreement will be done via email. Our compliance team will help you with the process via email.

Q: What do I do after passing?

After you pass your evaluation, you will receive your funded account within 24-72 hours. Upon your first withdrawal request, we will require KYC submission and have your Funded Trader agreement E-signed.

Q: Will I receive a refund after I pass the evaluation?

Due to the fact that you can use HFT to pass your challenge, CurrencyProfit at the moment is not offering any refunds of your evaluation fee on your first withdrawal.

Q: How are payments made?

All payouts are handled internally, via USDT ERC20 or BTC

Q: How long will it take to receive my funded account after passing?

Review of your trading challenges typically takes 72 hours, at which point we will send you the funded trader contract and then your funded account.

Q: Can I withdraw after violating a rule?

Unfortunately if you breach a rule on your account, you will forfeit all profit that as been accumulated on your account.

Q: Can I hold trades over the weekend?

Unfortunately we do not allow weekend trading at this time.

Q: What broker do we use?

For traders in the evaluation and live phase, our broker will be Forexware

Q: How are affiliate payments made?

Affiliate payouts are sent on the 5th of every month for the months prior sales, monthly NET 5 in USDT

Q: Can I trade after requesting a withdraw?

Once you request a withdraw you must wait for the funds to be withdrawn from your account. Typically this can take between 6 and 72 business hours. Once you see your profits have been deducted from your trading account, you can resume trading.​

Q: When does the daily loss reset?

The daily loss allowance resets at 00:00 UTC.

Q: Is my funded account live or demo?

All trading with CurrencyProfit takes place on demo accounts. On the back end, we can analyze and decide to copy your trades over to our live capital if we decide.

Q: Is there a payout limit?

Due to the unique nature of accepting HFT and allowing traders to get funded in record time, we must introduce a maximum payout limit. Our goal is to ensure we can run a sustainable business that will be able to stand the test of time, unlike most firms in the industry.

Due to this, the maximum profit and payout you can receive is 6% of your starting account balance. Statistically speaking, this will not affect the majority of traders, but CurrencyProfit is trying to prevent traders from entering into gambling-like behaviors, like using dangerously large lot sizes, opening a full margin position before news, and over all, using bad risk management.

Example Scenario:

You earn $12,000 in profit on your $200,000-funded account. Any profit you make over $12,000 will no longer be counted towards your payout. So from this $12,000, we would pay your respective profit split, be it 50, 50, 70, or 80%.

​Your maximum profit will reset after each payout.

Q: Do you take withdraw fees?

Since we send payouts over the ETH block chain, sometimes gas fees can get expensive. As a result we charge a 2% fees on trader withdrawals. It will be deducted from your payment automatically.

Q: Is there an inactivity period?

If you do not login and place a trade for 30 days or longer, your account will be deactivated. Please contact support if this happens so we can issue you a new account.

Trading Rules

Q: Can I merge my funded accounts?

At this moment in time we do not support account merging. Each trading account must be traded separate. We will consider allowing merging at a future date.

Q: What is the max amount of funded capital I can have?

The most any trader can manage will be $600,000 USD. This can consist of as many accounts as the trader wishes, but cannot add up to more than $600,000.

​Our system right now has no way to detect or block traders from purchasing more than 600K in funding, so the responsibility falls on the trader. If you purchase more than 600K in funding, at time of withdrawal, our compliance team will verify manually and if you have purchased more than the allowed max funding, your profits on the most recent account that exceed the max funding will be voided, and you will be 100% refunded for the account purchase.

Q: What is the time limit for evaluation?

CurrencyProfit has no minimum trading days or maximum trading days. You can pass in 1 day or 1 year.

Q: Do you allow bots and EAs?

At CurrencyProfit we allow the use of certain Bots & EA’s however there are certain restrictions on the types of EA’s and bots that can be used.

Please note we only allow HFT bots to be used for the challenge phases. If you decide to use HFT bots on your live funded account, your account will be terminated.

Prohibited EA types:

News Scalping EA’s: EAs that exist to take advantage of price fluctuations specifically during news events by executing rapid scalping trades.

Arbitrage EA’s (Reverse and Latency) : EA’s that exist to capitalize on price differences between different markets or brokers, either through reverse trading or latency - related strategies.

Multi-Account Reverse Trading EA: Any form of reverse mirror trading, that makes the inverse trade from one account to another.

Tick Scalping: Bots that trade at extremely high speed based on tick-level price movements

EA’s designed to abuse demo servers: Any EA designed to exploit a demo server environment

We highly recommend that if you plan to use an EA that it be your personal EA you have developed, not one that is available mass market.. We have a strict copy trading rule, where your trades cannot match the exact trades of another trader so we recommend you make your EA as unique as possible.

​Failure to abide by the above rules will result in account termination.

Q: Do you allow news trading?

During all evaluation phases you may hold trades during news, and open trades when you want during red folder news events.

Red folder news trading within the 10 minute prior and after window, will result in profit deductions, but will not result in account loss. Profit deductions will be handled upon withdraw request.

We use Forex Factory as our red folder news reference.
​In case the news is present throughout the day, we use the MyFxBook form.

Q: How can I fail a challenge?

There are only a few ways that you can fail the challenge or lose your funded account.

Daily drawdown rule: Violating the daily drawdown rule on your account. Please read exactly how our daily drawdown rule works in detail.

Maximum Drawdown rule: Violating the max drawdown rule. Please read exactly how our overall drawdown rule works in detail.

Participating in a prohibited trading strategy, please read in detail in the prohibited strategy section.

Q: Is copy trading allowed?

You are not allowed to set up a copy trader from an account you do not own, from a friend, business partner or any other relationship. We will ask for verification and proof of account ownership.

Q: Is overnight trading allowed?

There are no restrictions on how long you can hold a trade during the week. However it is very important you understand that keeping trades open over night will incur swap fees and subject to potential spread volatility.

Q: Do you have a consistency rule?

For a limited time only we are enforcing a consistency rule, since we are allowing traders to pass with HFT bots. Once we no longer allow HFT, we will also remove the consistency rule. Please see below for details.

Traders must participate in 5 minimum trading days for each withdrawal.

At the time of requesting a withdraw we will review your trading history, and adjust your balance for any trades that fall outside of your trading range.

To determine your trading range you must first calculate your average trade size.

Divide the total lot volume you have traded by the number of executed trades to find your average lot size.


100 total lots traded

50 total trades executed

100 lots divided by 50 trades = Average lot size of 2

Now to determine your average lot size range check below

Average Lot Size x 0.25 = Bottom of your range

Average Lot Size x 2.00 = Top of your range

In our example above

2 x 0.25 = 0.5 Lots

2 x 2.0 = 4 Lots

​So your trades must be between 0.5 and 4 lots. Any trades that fall out of the range will be removed at time of withdrawal plus you cannot have 1 trade make up more than 50% or more of your profit.

Q: What is the profit share?

Once you receive your funded account the following payout schedule applies:

First payout eligible within 21 days of first trade.

Second payout within 14 days of first trade for new trading period.

Profit share scales as following

Withdraw 1 = 50% Profit Share

Withdraw 2 = 50%

Withdraw 3 = 70%

​Withdraw 4 = 80%

Q: Can I hold trades over the weekend?

You cannot hold over the weekend on your evaluation or funded account. If you do not close your trades by market close on Friday, this will result in a hard breach and the loss of your account.

Q: What are the prohibited trading strategies?

At CurrencyProfit we accept almost all trading practices however we are looking for professional traders who understand how to manage large capital and manage risk. We are not looking for gamblers, or traders looking to manipulate the system. Below are the practices / strategies we do not allow. As a result of being an HFT friendly firm, we do understand we have stricter rules than most, but this is due to our elevated risk of not being able to assess a traders behavior prior to entering the funding stage.

Copy Trading

You cannot use signals, copy trading, group trading or any other activity that would result in the same trades from other traders.

Reverse Trading / Group Hedging

Hedging or executing reverse trades within a single account is permissible however doing it across different accounts and account owners is not accepted. You cannot open a sell trade on one account and a buy trade on the other of the same pair.

Group hedging involves individuals opening opposing positions across one or multiple prop firms ensuring one position always wins. All accounts found to be partaking in this practice will be banned.

Account management services:

Purchasing account management services or letting someone else trade for you will not be tolerated in any way.

Sharing accounts and letting someone trade your account is strictly prohibited.

Grid Trading

identifying Grid Trading Is subjective to our fraud department but more often than not we use the following points

Determining the starting price for the grid.

Choosing an interval, such as 5 pips, 25 pips, or 50 pips.

Determining whether the grid will be with-the-trend or against the trend.

Adding on trades as it goes into draw down

IP Management

The IP Address you login to your master account with should stay consistent. If we detect various I.P address logging into your account our system will flag this as a fraud violation for potential account management. Please contact support if you have any questions.

Martingale Trading / EA’s

Latency Arbitrage

Guaranteed Limit Order Fills On News Events ( Buy and Sell Stop Orders On News Events)

Please note trades that are opened for less than 2 minutes, will not be counted towards your profit. This is to avoid any HFT like trading activities.

Please note any traders found partaking in the above strategies will be subject to losing their challenges / funded accounts.​


Q: Do you have lot size restrictions?

For traders in the evaluation and funded phase, Our broker Forexware limits us to 50 max lots per trade.

Q: Can someone else trade my account?

Under no circumstances can someone login to your account from a different IP and manage your account or trade for you.

Q: Can I edit my MT4 information?

You may under no circumstances change the name on your MT4 account, or change the password. If you change any of these, it will be an automatic account failure.

1-Phase Challenges

Q: What is the profit target?

In order to become a funded trader with CurrencyProfit, we expect you to be able to pass certain profit objectives in our evaluation challenges.

Phase 1 Profit Target - You must earn 10% profit based on the starting account balance. For example, if you purchase a $100,000 account challenge, in order to advance to phase 2 you must earn $10,000 dollars in closed profit with no open trades

​Once you pass your phase 1 and receive your funded account to trade our capital, there are no profit targets or time limits. You must only be aware of the drawdown rules to not lose the account.

Q: What is the daily loss rule?

It is extremely important you understand how the daily loss rule works, to avoid an accidental challenge failure. We tried to keep this as simple as possible, because other firms tend to complicate the process for no reason.

Your equity / floating loss / drawdown cannot be greater than 5% of your daily balance. Please note your account balance resets each day at 00:00 UTC each day.

Example 1

You start your challenge on a $100,000 account, This means your equity cannot go lower than $95,000.

Example 2

You made a profit of $5,000 and your account balance is now $105,000, This means your equity or drawdown at no point in time can go lower than $99,750.

​Daily Loss = Account Balance X 5%

Q: What is the max loss rule?

We tried to create the most fair and rewarding max loss rule in the industry and once again, keep it extremely simple. You cannot lose more than 12% of your starting balance, however the more profit you have in your account the less chance you have of violating this.

​For example, let's say you have a $100,000 dollar account, you will only violate this rule when the account balance reaches less than $88,000. If you make profits on your account and bring your balance to $150,000 for example, you can lose up to $60,000 and never violate the max loss rule. But please always keep in mind the daily loss rule, as violating that will result in losing your account or failing a challenge.

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